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the fact of the matter is the novel ​GRETA & VALDIN is now published ​in the US and UK

in New Zealand it came out in 2021

it will also be translated into Spanish, German and Portuguese ​so, hold onto your hats

any inquiries please contact

Martha Perotto-Wills at The Bent ​Agency


UK & Commonwealth


information about the author

Rebecca K Reilly was born Rebecca Kay Reilly in the former city of Waitākere on August 16th 1991. In 2010, Waitākere City was merged with the cities of Auckland City, North Shore City, Manukau City, Papakura, Rodney and Franklin to become Auckland.

In 2019, Rebecca K Reilly won the Adam ​Prize at the International Institute of ​Modern Letters. In 2022, GRETA & VALDIN ​won the Hubert Church Prize and the ​national Booksellers’ Choice Award. In ​2024, it was shortlisted for the Waterstones ​Debut Fiction Prize.

further ​information ​about the ​author

Favourite season of Survivor US: maybe Tocantins!

further ​information ​about GRETA & ​VALDIN

How do I pronounce the characters’ names?

Velldin, Greda, Casspih, Tang, Linsh, Betty, Jep, Shaabee, ​Zhonvee-ev, Tony, Vlad, Ell, Plaanem

I am foreign. How do I pronounce Māori?

Maa-ao-dee . . . it’s like, mouldy with a rolled r and an extra ​a . . . maaoul-dee

What happens at the end of the book?

We learn a powerful lesson about women’s sexual autonomy ​and how no one person can hold every perspective

Why is the book so specific/detailed/meandering/quirked ​up?


Are the NZ, UK and US versions different from each ​other?

Not really—the NZ version has a joke about Jetstar, a ​reference to the song Life is Like a Bottle of Gin and a few ​sentences that don’t really make sense

Is there going to be a second book?

Sort of but not soon